Wire Cleaning Systems Manufacturers

In the all wire manufacturing industry, cleaning process is continuously increasing day by day for quality product. Generally, Cleaning is required for the removal of contaminants on the surface of the wires while drawing process. In addition, system can be used for electro polishing the surface.

Cleaning process generally required for all type of wires, Stainless Still, Aluminium alloy, Copper wires, Tungsten wires, as well as low & high carbon steel wires. Contaminant to be removed calcium & sodium stearate lubricants after drawing process, Or lubricant oil from a wet drawing process/system.

Generally alkaline chemical are used for degreasing purpose & mild Phosphoric acid based chemical are used to remove stearate soaps etc.

Chemical to be considered depend on contaminants as well as type of wire, application, speed etc.

Generally High power Ultrasonics OR electro chemical cleaning process /method being used for high quality wire cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a versatile device use for cleaning for high quality/precision cleaning.  The characteristics features of ultrasonic cleaning system is that mechanical energy of high intensity, high frequency sound waves are radiated in the cleaning liquid.  This result in build up & collapses of large number of vacuum bubbles.  This phenomenon is called as cavitations.

Through this Cavitational action, we get better cleaning of the wires.

The terms de-greasing, cleaning, washing etc.  are generally used through out industry to describe the various methods of removing soluble films and particular soils from wide range of manufactured, machined and processed articles. The type of cleaning process required is normally determined by the degree of cleanliness required.

In ultrasonic cleaning system include some ultrasonic Immersible transducers, an electrical generator and a tank containing the cleaning solution, pump, overflow arrangement etc.

In electrochemical cleaning process/method, No. of different partitions/zones are provided  & connected to Anode & cathode. When wires travel through different partitions/zones, wires alternately polarized positive & negative. Because of alternative current, chemical reactions will take place on the surface of wires, as the formation of hydrogen or oxygen bubbles, these created bubbles at the surface of the wire will remove the contaminant on the wire.

ORION Ultrasonics providing/suggesting, tanks are made out of polypropylene/ PPH with one storage tank and one overflow tank in order to avoid bending of the wire. Liquid/Chemical transfer pump is provided to transfer the chemical from the storage tank to the overflow tank.

After the chemical cleaning process/operation, water rinsing is necessary, to remove the chemical residuals. we have developed a jet spray system for the best rinsing effect for each wire. In addition, system is provided with efficient air wiping to avoid carry over of chemical as well as drying of the wires. 

We are manufacturing the wire cleaning systems as per customer’s requirement.


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