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Spinneretts & Candle Cleaning Systems
Spinneretts & Candle Cleaning Systems
For cleaning of spinnerett’s or pack assemblies/candle, a two-stage cleaning system is necessary. The first stage, known as precleaning, entails the removal of polymeric material or the reduction of this material to an ash. In many instances, this precleaning stage completely removes the polymeric materials. However, materials such as carbon residue or titanium dioxide are inert to the pyrolysis or volatilization process and must be removed by other methods. In the past, fine drills, broaches, or wires were used to remove this inert matter, but because of the damage caused to the spinnerett’s by using these methods, an alternative method had to be found. The use of ultrasonic systems is now the standard in the Fiber Industry.
The ultrasonic cleaner is a device in which thorough and powerful mechanical agitation is provided to a liquid bath. The ultrasonic cleaner, as its name implies, incorporates sound to accomplish its purpose. Sound waves, which are pressure waves, move through the bath and induce cavitation. It is the cavitation which produces a scrubbing action at the surface of the object being cleaned and releases energy to loosen and lift dirt from hard to reach surfaces.
ORION Ultrasonics is supplying the custom built equipments for spinnerett’s, sieves & candle cleaning as per customer’s requirement.

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