Ultrasonic Processor-Sonicator

Ultrasonics is the science of sound waves above the limits of human audibility. The frequency of a sound wave determines its tone or pitch. Low frequencies produce low or bass tones. High frequencies produce high or treble tones. Ultrasound is a sound with a pitch so high that the human ear cannot hear it. Frequencies above 18 Kilohertz are usually considered to be ultrasonic.

High frequency vibrations are produced by the velocity horn- generally made out of S.S.316, which is immersed in the liquid to be processed. These vibrations produced millions of microscopic vacuum bubbles. Which form and implode at a high rate. The normal frequency is twenty-two thousand cycles per second. This phenomenon is known as a CAVITATION. Cavitation gives rise to intense local pressure waves & micro streaming of the liquid around the
point of collapses. This in turn leads to high shear gradients that are responsible for the chemical process such as homogenization.

Ultrasonic Processor finds its application in -----------
1) Pharmaceutical Industries 2) Chemical Industries.
2) Biotechnology units 4) Research Institutes/ colleges/Laboratories.


• Tissue processing (Plants & Animal Tissues)
• De-gassing & De- aerating of liquids.
• Formulations.
• Emulsification of Immiscible liquids.
• Homogenization.
• Particle dispersion.
• Cell disintegration.

Ultrasonic processor consists of two parts--- 1) Ultrasonic Generator 2) Ultrasonic Horn.

Ultrasonic generator will produce high frequency ultrasonic power & same power is connected to Ultrasonic horn. These transducers used PZT crystals in sandwich form to convert the electrical power in to vibrations leading to
cavitation. This horn is used for the produce the Cavitation in the liquid.
Model OU/P-125 OU/P-125
Input Supply 230 V, Single Phase. 230 V, Single Phase.
Out put Power 120 Watts. 250 Watts.
Processing horn Tool Dia 6 mm Dia t0 10 mm Dia. 6 mm Dia t0 25 mm Dia.
Timer 0 to 999 Minutes digita 0 to 999 Minutes digital
Variable power Provided. Provided.
Both models are available with glass beaker stand & UP/DN arrangement of beaker.

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